Screenplays & Teleplays

My work for the screen may be provided upon request.

Lightyears Ahead (Feature)

What if an illegal alien met a space alien? What if they fell in love?

Kami Hotel (Feature)

Aimless drifter Aida finally finds a job she doesn’t hate: caring for a hotel that houses gods no one believes in anymore. But when the Greek pantheon arrive to destroy the hotel, Aida and the gods must defend their shared home.

Punching Bag (Pilot)

The origin story of the first ghetto superhero, his sidekick, a former boy genius and a magical community college professor.

Once Again, the Day Is Saved (Pilot)

In a world where superheroes and villains are crisis theater, the world’s first real superhero, a disgruntled villain and a television reporter unite to uncover the conspiracy.

Beer Chaser (Feature)

After throwing a party to impress the girl of his dreams, perpetual slacker Oren must replace ninety imported beers, or the crust punk band he stole them from is coming for him.