If a play is not available on New Play Exchange, it may be provided upon request.

The Sprinkler (Full-Length)

Lamar hasn’t been home in days; Alex can’t stop getting into fights by the reservoir, and Kate is seeing an unlicensed Christian therapist. The trio only has a few months of high school left before they go to college Up North, but if their conservative, suburban town doesn’t destroy their futures, the games of control they play with each other just might.

The Freedom Industry (Full-Length)

In 2012, a group of libertarians established Galt’s Gulch Chile, a boutique banana republic, just outside of Santiago; by 2015, they lost everything. Through Bitcoin, white slavery, and neocolonialism, “The Freedom Industry” considers what it means to adhere to your principles when those principles are utterly ridiculous.

Time to A Phantom (Ten-Minute)

Kyle’s apartment is haunted, so he calls his super.

Speedrun (Ten-Minute)

In a fantasy kingdom with some familiar problems, a princess and her captor’s magical lackey dream of social change, the overthrow of the local crime boss, and rescue from an overall-clad hero.

Blaxploitation (One-Act)

At a midnight movie screening, director Roxie Spectacular exhibits their cult classic, “A Time to Die.” In the film, a martial arts master and a genie try to go back in time to prevent both slavery and a zombie apocalypse, all before they’re thwarted by an operative from the end of history.

Black Prometheus (One-Act)

Stuck in a negative experience machine, a pair of Black test subjects do everything they can to theorize a way out of being killed over and over again.