If a play is not available on New Play Exchange, it may be provided upon request.

Full-Length Plays

Address the Body! (2M, 3W, 2NB)

The two Black members of The Presidential Committee on Slavery and Its Afterlife uncover a conspiracy at the heart of America’s most prestigious university.

The Freedom Industry (4M, 1W)

When a group of white libertarians founds Galt’s Gulch Chile, a boutique banana republic outside of Santiago, these would-be pilgrims discover that colonialism isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be. [Based on actual events]

The Stones of Life (5M, 1W, 5NB)

In 1972 Honolulu, a pōpolo defense attorney and his māhū client try to overturn a transphobic city ordinance, with a little help from four ancient Tahitian wizards.

The Sprinkler (2M, 2W, 2NB)

Three teenagers in their final few months of high school struggle with their identities, their sexualities, and their pop culture obsessions, just before they’re all supposed to head off to college Up North.

One-Act Plays

An Unclear World (2M, 2W, 1NB)

An Afropessimist triptych that uses Superman, Superfly, and Super Mario Bros to search for the narrative arc of the slave. [Composed of Crossover, Speedrun, and Blaxploitation]

Blaxploitation (2M, 2W, 1NB)

At a midnight movie screening, a trans director exhibits their lost classic, in which a martial arts master and a genie go back in time to try and prevent slavery and a zombie apocalypse before an operative from the end of history stops them.

Black Prometheus (2M, 2W, 1NB)

Stuck in a negative experience machine, a pair of Black test subjects do everything they can to theorize a way out of being killed over and over again.

Ten-Minute Plays

Crossover (1M, 1W, 3NB)

Deep in the Caucasus Mountains, there is said to be a path that turns whoever walks it white. Jo is the latest to make the journey, but the trials along the way–not to mention her cryptic guide–may be more than she bargained for.

Speedrun (2M, 1W, 1NB)

In a fantasy kingdom with some familiar problems, a princess and her captor’s magical lackey dream of social change, the overthrow of the local crime boss, and rescue from an overall-clad hero.

Time to A Phantom (2M)

Kyle’s apartment is haunted, so he calls his super.