Status Update

A lot has happened over the past month. I’m just going to put it all into a master post here.

First, and most significantly, I was selected for BUFU’s (By Us For Us) EYEDREAM Residency. I’ll be conducting the reading of a new work, called “Black Prometheus” at the end of August/beginning of September. It’s an awesome get, and I’m excited to be in a cohort with such talented artists. You can check us all out here:

Red Clouds Cloud Blue Sky Nature Epic Wallpaper

Additionally, I’ve done some more work for Bubbleblabber. Most notably, an interview of Mark Little and the team behind Mondo’s Gary and His Demons, a review of the new film Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot, and what I’m most proud of, a feature on the new Daria rebootDaria & Jodie. 

Stay tuned. I have more articles for Bubbleblabber coming out soon, news on the residency and next month will, appropriately, see a lot of activity from my band Make August Count. It’s a good time to make art right now, and I’m trying to take a step back and appreciate it.

Author: Zach Ezer

Cartoon Philosopher

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